Scary Halloween Decorations on a Budget

Halloween is the BEST time of year for decorations. Cutesy, happy flourishes are for the other holidays. With Halloween, we get to be gritty and spooky. The more horrifying, the better.

Bring on the oozing blood, torn flesh, traumatizing, eyeless spirits and creepy-crawly spiders!

Oh yes, there are no decorating possibilities quite like those in October.

Now, you can easily deck your lawn out with pre-made figures from your local Halloween shop to achieve this frightening effect. However, in order to do so you’ll end up shelling out a hefty amount of dough. There’s a reason Halloween decor spending has been on the rise. That shyte is expensive. I propose a DIY alternative, that is easy to pull off and provides results that are just as likely to frighten small children and grown men.

  • Check your local thrift stores and/or yard sales for some second-hand baby doll toys and styling heads.
  • Pick up some cheap mock tomb stones at your local dollar store, or make your own out of cardboard and/or styrofoam.
  • Using an exact-knife and black and red permanent markers, gash up and draw all over the toy dolls. Blacken the teeth on the styling heads, and maybe cut off some of the infants limbs. Roll ’em around in the dirt a bit, so it fills up the cracks to a realistic degree. Go ahead, be brutal.

  • Place the styling heads in front of the tombstones, so it looks like they are popping up out of their graves.

  • For added gruesomeness, place the baby dolls in some burlap bags, so they look like they are fighting there way out.

Ta-da! Now you have a front yard that not only freaks your neighbors out, but you easily made it happen with less than $10 out-of-pocket.

Do you have any other cheap Halloween decoration ideas you want to share with us? I’d love to hear them!


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3 thoughts on “Scary Halloween Decorations on a Budget

  1. twistedpixelstudio October 18, 2012 at 8:33 am Reply

    Spoooooky! Love it!

    • MegansBeadedDesigns October 18, 2012 at 8:34 am Reply

      Hahahaha, thanks. We know we’ve succeeded when kids approach our decorations with long sticks… poking them just to MAKE SURE.

  2. Jamie November 6, 2013 at 3:30 pm Reply

    Love your scary decor! Halloween went by way to fast this year!

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