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Treasury Tuesday – For My Blue Valentine

Etsy Treasury Blue Valentine Gifts

Saturday Styleboard – Winter Waters

Winter Waters

Joseph white cable sweater

Topshop gray skinny jeans
$61 –

Chanel pre owned shoes

Saturday Styleboard – Deeply Green

Deeply Green

Liven brown coat
$1,535 –

Cameo wide leg pants
$160 –

Boho jewelry

Treasury Tuesday – Great Finds

Etsy Finds

Treasury Tuesday – Golden

Golden Etsy Finds

Treasury Tuesday

Look Out for the Madness Etsy Treasury

Treasury Tuesday


Treasury Tuesday


Treasury Tuesday




Exclusion As Default: Female Geeks

Oh! How I love it when the facts trip up the stereo-typing and make society-at-large reconsider their judgements.

shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

A couple of years ago, while attending an SFF convention, I made the mistake of participating in a geek trivia contest. Normally, I love this sort of thing, even when I lose badly: I spent a not inconsiderable portion of my tweens and teens playing the original edition of Trivial Pursuit for fun, despite the fact that even the most “recent” events on the cards were all older than me by more than a decade. My parents used to beat me hollow, but I loved it, because I always felt like I learned something. So, understandably, I embarked on this particular quiz with a feeling of optimism. I didn’t care that it was billed as “ridiculously hard” – I just wanted to have a good time, and maybe learn some cool, obscure facts about the history of SFF. Instead, the whole thing quickly became the single worst experience I’ve ever had at…

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