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Saturday Styleboard – Emerald Glamour

Emerald Glamour

Alice Olivia mullet skirt

MAD dial watch
$60,530 – luisaviaroma.com

Bond No 9 fancy perfume

Long clip on earrings


Glamour as a Virtue

Glamour doesn’t just have to be considered as a fashion term, but also as a characteristic of virtue. To live glamorously is an ambitious goal. It is one of the reasons I named one of my Etsy shops Glamour365, referring to being glamorous all days of the year. In my mind, being glamorous is several things, and there are several things it is NOT but is often mistaken for.

Glamorous is an easy smile that reaches the eyes.

Glamorous is being well-knowledged of current and past events.

Glamorous is wearing an outfit, not having an outfit wear you.

Glamorous is owning up to one’s actions with confidence.

Glamorous is having a sense of style suited to one’s personality and tastes.

Glamorous is having an opinion, and the ability to portray it with eloquence and courtesy.

Glamorous does not necessarily mean wealth, but it does mean well-mannered.

Glamorous is sexy with confidence, not with desperation.

Glamorous means a desire to explore and try new things.

Glamorous means an urge to help and a willingness to give to others.

What does glamorous mean to you?