Product Review: Mobile Laptop Desk from YesComUSA

YesComUSA granted me the privilege of receiving one of their mobile laptop desks in exchange for a blog review. I received my package on Thursday, and put together the desk Friday evening. You can bet I have been using the thing ALL weekend long, and will most likely continue to do so. This desk makes working form my living room couch soooo much more comfortable and efficient than when I try to balance my laptop on my lap or the kitchen table.

A space for my laptop AND my tea? Works for me!

A space for my laptop AND my tea? Works for me!

While there is some assembly required, the illustrated directions were easy to follow, even for me, a person generally guaranteed to screw stuff up in one way or another. Plus, the part came with the necessary tools, and some spare parts in case I were to inevitably lose a piece or two during the put-together process. (I didn’t but the security of knowing I could was nice.)


This desk is very versatile. Its wheels allow you to move it around smoothly to wherever, it’s super light (I was able to carry it up and down my stairs no problem), and the desk surface can easily be adjusted to tilt back and forth as desired.

laptop desk in black

The only issue I had with this desk’s features (and it could be partially my fault for how I put it together, though I can’t say for sure) was the desk’s ability to go up and down vertically. There is an adjustable knob at the base spine of the desk, which should allow the desk to be used for standing, or increased height (such as if I wanted to use it while sitting on one of my higher stools), but the knob doesn’t tighten enough to hold the desk in place. The moment I place any weight on the desk, it sinks back down to its couch-height.


Regardless of this minor flaw, I definitely plan on continued use of this desk. It’s perfect for getting some quick work done from my laptop before I head to work in the morning, and also works great for beading off of come evenings, especially if I want to bead along side my husband while were watching a movie in our downstairs area.

Interested in grabbing your own? Check out this mobile desk and more at YesComUSA now.


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