Giveaway Winner + Free Earrings + 45% off on Etsy

In case you missed it, last week I introduced you all to HydraulicGraphix, who, in turn, offered you all a chance to win an awesome custom design from their Etsy shop.

Shown here: Trick or Treat Invitation to invite children and friends for neighborhood trick or treating for Halloween – $21.50

And the congratulations goes to SassiChic Jewelry! Thank you for playing. (More giveaway opportunities are on the horizon!)

Speaking of getting free things, there is a sweet deal going on for a free pair of hoop earrings at Megan’s Beaded Designs. (Of course, if you are subscribed to the e-mail newsletter, you would already know this.) Basically, if you buy 2 or more pairs of hoop earrings, you get this free pair of multicolored hoops included in your order. No coupons or gift certificates or vouchers or discount codes required.

In other news, I officially reached the big five-double-oh for sales in my MegansBeadedDesigns Etsy shop. And since 500 is kind of a big deal, I’m going to celebrate by giving all ya’all a coupon to use there for 45% off.

Use coupon code 500SALES at the checkout until 9/12 for 45% off your purchase from my Etsy Shop.


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