Travel-Ready Jewelry

As July winds to a close and the back-to-school advertisements and retail displays have gone full-blast, many of you are thinking what I’m thinking: No! Not yet! It’s still summer!

For at least another month, it’s still summer – dammit. August isn’t about to skip out on us or anything. At least I hope not.

Don't do it Summer! We still love you!

Don’t do it Summer! We still love you!

In a final, desperate attempt to experience the season, many of you are take one last trip, and getting your traveling experiences in while you still can.

Packing for your last hoorah means not only limiting the number of shoes you can fit into your too-small carry-on, but also picking out jewelry pieces that won’t become a tangled, jangled mess by the time they reach your destination.

For travel-ready jewelry, choose pieces that don’t have as much wire exposed, or have minimal chain elements.

To make your accessorizing easier, pack along simple pieces that can easily go with most of what you are planning on wearing.

Finally, stick your small pieces into Ziploc bags before packing them into your luggage or carry-ons. You wouldn’t want them to be hard to find when you’re in a hurry! It will also protect them from getting snagged into your clothing or the lining of your luggage.


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2 thoughts on “Travel-Ready Jewelry

  1. The Fashion Huntress July 29, 2013 at 10:08 am Reply

    My favorite are those pink rose earrings! Great tips!

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