Meet Sylvia & Simona of ArtsyAnts

Today’s featured Etsy shop is Artsy Ants. Learn more about it, and the artists behind it in the interview below.

Can you sum yourselves up in 3 sentences? Give it a go!
We are the Artsy Ants, Sylvia and Simona, two sisters living an ocean apart, busy making art on our ant hills while caring for our colonies. We’re passionate about paint on our fingers, lovely design, thrift stores, snapping away, kissing baby feet and Skype! Our blog is the space where we share our artwork, crafts, news, shop updates, inspiring online finds and anything else that inspires us in real life.

CUSTOM Illustration – $88

Tell us about what you sell:
In our Artsy Ants store we sell illustrations, paintings, portraits, wire art, and a number of other hand crafted items.

What is your favorite thing about creating?
It’s in the process. The rush of excitement when you first get the idea, and the thrill of figuring out the details. Then there is of course the satisfaction of having completed a project that so often comes with the gratification of giving it so somebody special who will appreciate it.

CUSTOM Pencil Double Portrait Drawing – $298

Where do you find your inspiration?
Besides inspiring each other with our blog posts and regular Skype conversations, we both find a lot of inspiration in every day and family life, trying to find beauty in the ordinary, and making the plain just a little more pretty.

CUSTOM Logo Design – $98

Do you have a coupon code for us?
Code: MEGAN For 10% off your order

Where else can we find you?
twitter: @artsyants


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