Meet Linda from Bellissima Jewelers


Can you sum yourself up in 3 sentences? Give it a go!
Two mothers of 9 children collectively, working hard to raise good humans and manage a home and the working world. Hoping to spread beauty with our truly quality (no junk!) jewelry. We have not given in to using plastics, imitations or reselling “made in china” goods!

Tell us about what you sell:
Handmade jewelry from authentic Swarovski Crystal, natural gems/beads, sterling silver and more. We hand bead onto flexible stainless steel wire for comfort and lasting wear. All designs are ours.

Rose Petal Crystal Necklace - $49

Rose Petal Crystal Necklace – $49

What is your favorite thing about creating?
The joy in the end products and how happy it makes our customers! We love all of the wonderful comments we receive about how high end our jewelry is at an affordable cost.

Where do you find your inspiration?
In the world around us. We started by admiring the colors of Italy – Mediterranean colors with the colorful back drops of Tuscany and other areas of northern Italy.

Green Onyx Bracelet - $79

Green Onyx Bracelet – $79

Do you have any advice for other sellers?
Always have a plan and a vision. Be a quality business – make promises, keep your word and deliver above expectations.

Do you have a coupon code for us?
Use code BLG15 for 15% off.

Where else can we find you?
Right now we are on Pinterest. We are new to the web but have been selling at high end shows and at home shows for 5 years.


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2 thoughts on “Meet Linda from Bellissima Jewelers

  1. Lynda Lewis June 28, 2013 at 12:09 pm Reply

    This is so wonderful. We are proud and excited to be a part of this blog! Thank you. Lynda

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