Art Nouveau Butterfly Barrette

I’ve never really been a fan of harsh lines or sharp edges in my creative work. In college one of my painting instructors told me he could easily tell which pieces were mine by the signature swirls and blending within them.

This love of flourish and stylization is probably why I feel so drawn to the early 1900’s style of French illustration, otherwise known as Art Nouveau. Known for it’s signature swirls and lavish, decorative touches, it’s no wonder the art form spread so quickly throughout Europe when it was introduced.

Tapping into that same feel of swirling intricacies, I was inspired to create this beaded barrette.

Beaded Butterfly Barrette

I love the subdued tones of olive green and tan, and how sharply they are outlined by the opaque black and iris green.

Beaded butterfly Barrette

At the center of the barrette is a digitally rendered collage, made up of vintage public images, including lavish roses, the brilliant green wings of a butterfly, and a mid-century fashion model ready to accept her applause. Between this detailed picture and the layers of carefully hand-stitched beadwork that surround it, whoever is the first to snatch up this hair accessory is sure to get plenty of compliments.


This barrette measures 5 by 2.5 inches at its widest points. It is attached to a large 4 inch wide French style barrette clip, perfect for use in think hair. You can purchase it here for $29.00. Only 1 in stock.


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4 thoughts on “Art Nouveau Butterfly Barrette

  1. wishingwellstudio June 24, 2013 at 7:33 am Reply

    Megan ~ love your newest French barrette, gorgeous subtle colorations! Also enjoyed your written description of the period & style of art nouveau.
    I’ve been selling my hand crafted jewels for a long time. Many craft fairs, am just beginning to stock my “shop”. Writing inviting descriptions being an important element.
    Your positive perspective is awesome!
    Peace & Love,

  2. sueswordfitlyspoken June 24, 2013 at 7:58 am Reply

    It’s absolutely beautiful! A girl after my own heart – I love curves and gentle, sweeping lines.

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