The Breakfast Essentials

Some people prefer to start their day off right with a “healthy” dose of yummy breakfast treats. For these folks, the perfect gift lies in the adorable jewelry-captured reminders of their morning ritual. Even if you aren’t a breakfast person, can you really resist these squee-worthy replicas of tiny, realistic food jewelry?

Take these new, miniature toast slices for example. They are crisped to perfection, and ready to decorate the earlobes of anyone in need of an easy conversation-starter:

Miniature Toast Earrings

Get these toast earrings here for $9.

Then there is also the cup of mocha deliciousness, for the coffee or hot chocolate lover:

Cocoa Ring

Get this miniature drink ring here for $9.

Or perhaps you prefer sunny-side up, as imitated in these egg posts:

Miniature Eggs Earrings

Get these egg earrings here for $6.

And for the lovers of all things sweet, nothing beats a deliciously frosted doughnut complete with sprinkles.

doughnut ring

Get this ring here for $9.

Are you a breakfast person? What’s your favorite morning treat?


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