Putting Your Sucky Situation Into Perspective


Time has a funny way of putting things into perspective, and giving clarity to some super-sucky situations. I’m sure we’ve all heard the irritating phrase, “time heals all wounds” at one time or another, and generally when we least want to. But there is some truth to the cliche.

I’m sure everyone can think of a situation that happened a few years ago that SUCKED while it was happening. But, NOW, you understand the benefits of it happening, see why it had to happen, and so forth.

Perhaps it was a relationship breakup. Yes, it hurt while it was happening, but now you look back and think oh-my-goodness THANK GOD I’m not with that douche-bag anymore!

Or maybe it was a challenging experience that really, really sucked at the time, but it helped to turn you into a more disciplined, or grateful person. (The whole, going without to appreciate what you have thing.)

An example from my own life could include the recent years I spent in college. I was a full-time student at a challenging university, and I had to work 3 to 4 jobs WHILE being a full time student. No joke- I honestly worked about 60+ hours a week for a large portion of my student career.

It was hard. It was really friggin’ hard and it was oh-so-tempting to give up sometimes. But now that that period of my life is over, I’m thankful I did what I did. I’m glad I went ahead and took that internship job (which toppled me over to 4 jobs when I was in my final semester), because that job turned into the full-time gig that I still do today. I’m also thankful that I signed up for the student newspaper gig  right before that, because as many hours as the position required, it gave me lots of good experience. That experience is what helped me land my internship job… and you know the rest. ;-)

See how that works? We never know how things are going to turn out for sure, and yes, we’re going to make some bad decisions along the way. But even those decisions can turn into life-lessons that help refine us into better people.

So I want you to consider what is really sucking in your life right now.

Maybe it’s a a friendship going poorly, maybe finances are tight, maybe you’re struggling with a project at work. Whatever it is, delve deep and focus on that one sucky thing.

Then, I want you to envision yourself looking back on your current situation a year from now, 3 years from now, and 10 years from now.

What will your currently difficult situation teach you? How will it help to shape you as a person? What will you end up being grateful for? What will you be relieved happened even though you were resistant to letting it happen at the time? Try to be really honest with yourself here, and do your best to step into your future self, and gain some of that perspective usually reserved for the passage of time.

Experienced any revelations? Please share them in the comments below!

What situation are you dealing with right now, and how has envisioning how you’ll remember it in the future changed your perspective? You guise know I love hearing from you!


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4 thoughts on “Putting Your Sucky Situation Into Perspective

  1. Caylie Price May 20, 2013 at 10:43 pm Reply

    Hi Megan,

    I really enjoyed this post and boy, oh, boy could I give plenty of examples from my own life.
    Currently I’m busting my butt to earn $100K over and above my day job income to achieve five major goals – which I set after a really traumatic experience. It’s hard work but I know the results will be worth it!

    Best wishes with your current challenge!

  2. Silvia May 24, 2013 at 3:48 am Reply

    I usually think about the fact that If I hadn’t been home so much without a stable job these last years, I wouldn’t have learnt so much about beadweaving and knitting, have opened a shop and a blog. I would have missed quite a lot of things that boosted my creativity

  3. […] sob story not so you will pity me in any way, but so I can share with you the possibility of over-coming the sucky situations that go beyond our control. I could reminisce on the co-workers who saw my mother’s black […]

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