How to Plan an Un-boring Tea Party

You’re never to old for a tea party. They’re even more fun when you replace the teddy bear and cabbage patch doll with real-live, human friends who can talk back to you.

Now that the weather is finally starting to turn around, you may be considering giving one a try. Tea parties provide an easy theme to work with when planning a bridal or baby shower, house warming parties, or simply as a get together for good friends.

A tea party doesn’t have to be boring. It isn’t a requirement that everyone sit around sipping Darjeeling while talking about the Queen. Though you are welcome to do that, if that’s your thing.

A few ideas for creating a memorable tea-party themed event:

  • Urge everyone to dress up in their dapper best. It makes for some adorable pictures, and will get everyone in the mood for getting their tea-party on.
  • Have a “wild hat” contest, and give out a prize for the most outlandish mad hatter in attendance.
  • Provide caffeinated, and non-caffeinated tea, so anyone with caffeine issues doesn’t feel left out.
  • Use real china, it makes everything feel more authentic.
  • Provide lots of cookies, everybody loves treats!
  • Conversation cards make for great ice-breakers. Have several on each table and ask your guests to use them to start conversations with one another. Go for deeper questions than the obvious. (Instead of “what’s your favorite color?” try “what was your big dream when you were a kid, and how has it changed since then?”)
  • Have a “photo booth” area with some fun props guests can use in their pictures.
  • Finally, hand out squee-worthy party favors and prizes. Miniature tea cup rings and tea pot earrings are sure to delight even the most coffee-loyal guests.



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2 thoughts on “How to Plan an Un-boring Tea Party

  1. Karen Pawlowski Vincer April 17, 2013 at 7:22 pm Reply

    An old fashioned tea party is a wonderful idea. Wouldn’t it be nice to ask people to bring along a craft they are doing and share their ideas with others?

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