Meet Jennifer Moore from JenniferLynnProductions

You can check out Jennifer on Artfire at her two shops: JenniferLynnProductions & JenniferLynnsFinds. Learn more about her and her business in the interview below!

Can you sum yourself up in 3 sentences? Give it a go!
I have been artistic all of my life in many different media. In 2007, I decided to start selling what I make after doing the same with a friend for a few years. Now, it’s a part-time business, and I love it!

Tell us about what you sell:
I sell handmade gift items, including jewelry, photography products and services, writing/editorial services, and vintage/antique items. All of the crafts/art are made by me, many of them from reclaimed/recycled materials. A portion of my profits and sometimes some of my art work goes to animal-related charities.

Decorated Box

Two Trees Decorated Box – $45

What is your favorite thing about creating?
My favorite thing about creating is that I never have to make two items the exact same way. There are so many materials and techniques out there that I can keep everything one-of-a-kind, fresh, and funky! I also like that creating art gives me a way to express things that I can’t quite find the words to express.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I get a lot of inspiration from myth, fairy tales, folklore, and pop culture. A lot of my ideas also come to me in my dreams, particularly for my darker pieces. I’m also inspired by Nature.


Kitty Bracelet – $16.20

Do you have any advice for other sellers?
1. Don’t cheap out. I made this mistake a couple of times early in my career, and while the outcomes were minor, they were embarrassing. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around and try to be frugal–just don’t cut corners too much.

2. Don’t take things personally. This is a tough, competitive business, particularly for those of us who make items in saturated categories like jewelry and cards.

3. Find your niche. Don’t try to spread yourself too thin. Yet, it’s true that I make things and sell things in several categories; however, I’m starting to see some things fall away, and I’m starting to see my style become more cohesive across all of my categories. As someone who has NOT found hers quite yet, I can tell you this is very, very hard, but it’s a worthy goal.


Postcard, Vintage, Pirates Alley, New Orleans – $9

Where else can we find you?


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2 thoughts on “Meet Jennifer Moore from JenniferLynnProductions

  1. J_Mo December 21, 2012 at 7:51 am Reply

    Wow! Thanks! When I wrote in, I had no idea I’d be featured so soon. What a lovely surprise! :)

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