Meet Anna Schneider from MindTraveller

Can you sum yourself up in 3 sentences? Give it a go!
I’m just a PhD student (that’s the point when everyone answers ‘Yeah right: JUST’) obsessed with all kinds of arts and crafts. I’ve tried it all, from baking over painting with diverse materials, wood carving, leather working, knitting etc. Bookbinding is the perfect craft to combine everything.

Notebook / Journal “Aurora Borealis” – £18.00 GBP

Tell us about what you sell on Etsy:
My little shop revolves around letting your imagination run wild and your thoughts go on a big journey. At the moment I offer handmade, one of a kind blank journals made out of soft leather or high quality wool that I decorate with love for the detail. All of my leather journals are unique, colourful pieces of art. The cover is embossed, engraved and dyed or painted by me; the paper is treated either with coffee or acrylic paint, and then everything is sewn together by hand.

What is your favorite thing about creating/collecting?
Listening to my instincts of what works and what doesn’t. Taking my time to slowly, step by step, put the pieces together and creating something unique with my own hands and all my senses. Seeing the sparkling eyes in my friends’ faces when they mention my latest projects they’ve seen online.

Diary “The Small Woollen Companion” in Azure Blue – £16.00 GBP

Where do you find your inspiration?
In my surroundings. I love everything natural, organic, and so all my materials are natural – leather, wood, glass, feathers, paper, cotton, metal. I also have a passion for intense colours, and for constantly trying out new ideas and techniques.

Do you have any selling tips or tricks for other Etsy sellers?
Communicating as much about your shop as you can – drawing attention to it is essential. But don’t we all know?

Embossed Leather Journal “Nightshade” – £22.00 GBP

Where else can we find you?
Twitter: @mind_travels


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One thought on “Meet Anna Schneider from MindTraveller

  1. sueswordfitlyspoken November 24, 2012 at 6:35 am Reply

    I enjoyed learning about her craft and her passion. I very much like that she works with natural materials, right down to making the books herself. Nice job,Megan!

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