Meet Amanda from LittleNoteCrafts & Enter to Win a FREE Pair of Fingerless Gloves

Crochet Cap

Light Brown Crochet Winter Cap with Ruby Red Flower

Can you sum yourself up in 3 sentences? Give it a go!
I’m a natural born crafter who is finding her way in this world. I love to spread a smile, bring joy to everyday lives, and be uplifting. I’m passionate about art, family, food, desserts (yes, this is a whole separate category from food), and the great outdoors.

Tell us about what you sell on Etsy:
LittleNoteCrafts is all about bringing a little color and joy to our everyday lives, so I sell accessories meant to be used every day like hand knit and crocheted items like hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, gadget covers, mug cozies and the like. I’m always looking to introduce new items to continue to expand my shop. I also dabble in jewelry from time to time with bright and beautiful colors and styles, though working with yarn is my first love. There are just so many great cozy kinds to choose from!

Ceramic necklace

Autumn Red Ceramic Leaf Pendant with Golden Yellow Wire

What is your favorite thing about creating?
While I love the entire creative process, from the initial design to finding the perfect yarn, my favorite part is the great sense of pride and accomplishment when I finish a piece. There’s nothing like that feeling of putting something beautiful together with your own two hands, especially pieces that take longer to do. It’s even better when you see someone wearing or using something you’ve made. It only motivates me to keep creating!

Hand Knit Blue Fingerless Gloves

Where do you find your inspiration?
Nature is my biggest inspiration. It’s where I find the inspiration for great colors during every season, and often the motivation to keep going with whatever endeavors I’ve undertaken. Nature is always resilient, and I try to take a lesson from that.

Do you have any selling tips or tricks for other Etsy sellers?

I wouldn’t say I’ve been hugely successful (yet), but my biggest piece of advice would be to stay consistent and stick with it. When you’re beginning I think it’s OK to have a period of trial and error to see what works for you, but after a while you need to stick to your prices and your products and your ‘brand.’ Change can be a good thing, but too much too often hurts a shop more than helping it.

Having outstanding customer service and being personable are also key factors in success. Just be yourself and be proud of what you do!

Thick Hand Knit Cowl

Do you have a coupon code for us?

Yes! Use FEATURE10 for a 10% discount on anything in the shop.

Where else can we find you?

I’m on Twitter and Facebook, where you can sign up for my newsletter to get special deals and updates on new products before anyone else knows. Check it out!

You can also follow me on my blog, Homegrown Joy, where I post recipes, tutorials, photos, updates on the shop, and other interesting reads on life and happiness.

Amanda is being very generous and offering you all a chance to win a set of her to-die-for fingerless gloves. The perfect solution for maintaining your ability to text in the chilly weather! Check out all of the ways you can snatch them up for FREE below…

Enter to Win this Amazing Pair of Fingerless Gloves for FREE

1st Entry:
Follow this blog. Leave a comment below saying that you’ve done so (or already do so, a side-effect of being AWESOME.)
~Required entry before any others can be applied.~

2nd Entry:

Heart LittleNoteCrafts on Etsy, leaving a comment here afterwards with your Etsy username to let us know.

3rd Entry:
Buy something from LittleNoteCrafts. Show us what you snagged here so we can all turn green with envy.

4th Entry:
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Only the 1st entry is mandatory to enter, you can add as many additional entries up to the 10 as you want to maximize your chances of winning! Your comments do not all need to be separated for each entry as long as it’s clear how many entries you are adding. (Also, make sure it’s easy for me to contact you if you win!) Thank you for entering and thank you Amanda for the great giveaway! You have until midnight Pacific Time on November 14th to enter. Winner will be announced on November 15th. (If you win and find you don’t really need the gloves, please feel free to send ’em my way! ;-)) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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  9. kelly DeBisschop November 11, 2012 at 6:01 pm Reply

    I follow you and heather and love you both!

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    I love your ideas! Very inspirational!!

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