Meet Rene from lillyzcardz

Give me a craft to do, and even if I don’t know how to do it, I’ll learn. found a stray dog, I’m the person to call to care for it until I can find it a home (sometimes my own!). Put the two together = Lillyzcardz.

MiniatureToy Poodle Humor Birthday Card – $4

What is your favorite thing about creating?
I love crafting because it gifts me the freedom to do whatever I want. I love being able to make something exactly the way I want it, not with a pattern. I also like it because I’m my own boss and I have total control over every aspect of my creation.

Halloween Humor Dog Photo Greeting Card – $4

Where do you find your inspiration?
Dogs are my inspiration. They are a universal friend, who give unconditional love and make you feel like you’re the most important person in their lives. And they’re always in a good mood! They could be in a deep sleep and all you have to say is ‘treats’ or ‘walk’ and they are bright eyed, running through the house excited as though they’d been awake for hours.

Do you have any selling tips or tricks for other Etsy sellers?
With hundreds of thousands of Etsy sellers, it’s hard to get noticed if you’re new. I found it wasn’t until I join a couple of teams and got to know people, and them me, that word got around about my shop and what I do. I feel word of mouth is still the best advertisement, even if it is talking through a computer. The other thing I did was learn how to make treasuries. I was scarred to make them at first. They seemed so hard and complicated. But they’re not. After I made my first one I was hooked. I joke that I need to join treasury attics anonymous! Not only are they fun to make, but it’s also a great way to get noticed. When you feature someone in your treasury, they’ll usually stop and look at your shop. And sometimes will feature one of your items in their treasuries.

Chihuahua princess dog photo all occasion humor greeting card – $4

Where else can we find you?
Outside of Etsy, I do email and Facebook. I find that if I have too many other means of communicating with friends and clients, such as Twitter, Pinterest, etc., it becomes too overwhelming for me. I like to keep it simple.

Do you have a coupon code for us?
I am currently having a Christmas in July sale, get 10% off all cards with coupon code CIJ12


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