Why May is the Best Month Evah

1. The weather starts to get nice.
Even if June has nicer weather than May, overall, we are more thankful for may weather because of the predessessing crappy weather that we’ve gotten sick of experiencing before. Like eating everything gross on your dinner plate and saving the best for last, it makes it taste that much better. The relief we feel when that May sun starts to shine, incredible.

2. My birthday.
Plus, emerald is a fabulous birthstone color. I love making me some green creations in its shade.

3. April showers brings…
…you guessed it! May flowers! Gotta love all those beautiful blooms and fresh greenery. Speaking of which, the “April Showers Brings May Flowers” EtsyHeartsBeads team challenge is going on right now. You can vote for your favorite of the 3 entries by clicking on my entry below:


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