Plagued by Young Lit

I’ve probably been reading a little too much young lit lately. Ah, well, so it goes. The section does have a lot of interesting title to choose from, ti’s true, and the recommendations from my fellow bloggers keep flooding in. As you can see from my Read/Listened to Recently sidebar, I’ve just closed up John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, following Ally Condie’s Matched.

Matched was recommended for readers who liked The Hunger Games (oh hey, that’s me!) and anything by John Green is recommended by hipsters and teenagers all over the world. (I know, I can’t believe it took me THIS LONG to read one of his books.)

Although I got all of the way through Matched, I have to say it does not come with a strong recommendation from me. Even though it has an interesting setting (in the future, with an over-reaching government, etc.), the story itself is a complete bore. Read this book only if you like teenage soap opera and very UN-exciting love triangles. Needless to say, although I am mildly curious about what happens next, I will not be reading the rest of the books in this series. If anyone has read the other books, please feel free to spoil it for me, I’m too lazy to find out for myself at this point.

As for The Fault in Our Stars. Holy crap. Great book, but it WILL make you cry. So it’s probably not a good idea to read it in a public setting where you will start sobbing uncontrollably in front of complete strangers. Oh. And it will not just make you cry once. You will cry over, and over, and over again. The book is about teenagers with fatal cancer. It is raw, it is real, and it is lovable and fun despite the deep setting. I can now see why John Green is such a highly recommended author. He writes from his character’s point of view, in this case a 17-year-old Hazel, and I would have never guessed at the fact that I was following along the thoughts of a teenage female. Very believable despite the atoned hipster-intellect of the young characters. I will read more of his books, but after such an emotional ride, I will need to take a long break before I jump into another one.

In fact, I think I need to take a break from young lit altogether. Allow myself to stock up on horror novels and informational, political junkie stuff. I’ll keep ya posted.


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One thought on “Plagued by Young Lit

  1. Split Personality Designs May 3, 2012 at 7:40 pm Reply

    I am a middle school teacher, so I understand the inundation of YA lit. :)

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