Coordinating Colors & Your Outfit

There are several basic ways to coordinate the colors of your accessories & your clothes. Ideally, you know what colors look best on you, so you often opt for those colors and their families when selecting a wardrobe. Maybe you venture out and try something new once in awhile, or at least I hope you do. Either way: here are some ideas and combinations to try that you may not have thought of.

(All one color.)
If you have fair skin, an all-over deep shade of red or blue will make your skin look like porcelain. If you have darker skin, an all-over shade of a bright florescent can make your complexion positively shine.

Slight variations.
(eg. light blue with dark blue, brown with tan, etc.)

+ +

Opposites attract. (Complimentary color schemes such as orange & blue, black and white, yellow and purple.)

+ +

Pastels. Easy on the eyes, perfect for spring.

+ +
Earthy tones. (Browns, greens, deep reds.)

+ +

Holiday themed. (It doesn’t always have to be cheesy.)


Black + any other color. (It’s true, black goes with everything.)


(Pink, purple, and white.)

+ +

Clash. Yeah, we know you’re not supposed to wear red with pink. Or brown with black. Or leopard print with zebra print. But breaking the rules can come out fabulously if done right.

+ +


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One thought on “Coordinating Colors & Your Outfit

  1. Heather March 21, 2012 at 11:11 am Reply

    Oh I love pastels! I just got some new pastel lime polish for my toes and I love it! I love greens but the only color I can wear with my pasty vampire skin is olive, which is ok. I can go wild with my toenail polish, that’s how I roll, LOL!

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