Reconsidering Valentine’s Day

I am aware that this is unusual, but I ♥ Valentine’s Day. I know, I know, aka: “Single Awareness Day.” I realize it’s the holiday that everyone loves to complain about. I am also aware that it is not a break holiday, so you don’t even get a stikin’ day off of work or school for it. But… hear me out.

Valentine’s Day has the BEST colors. Pink, yes, and RED. All that red holiday fashion you were wearing for Christmas? Here is your legit excuse to put it all back on again, just skip the green Christmas tree earrings.

Red Rope Necklace

Valentine’s day is a great excuse to eat CHOCOLATE. Do yourself a favor, if your partner asks if you want anything for Valentine’s Day, don’t you DARE say, “Oh, nothing.” FIRST of all, he will probably take you literally since, ya know, he’s not a mind reader. And SECONDLY, read the first sentence of this paragraph again. (It tastes even better when it’s a gift, therefore FREE.)

Chocolat Covered Strawberries from SweetCarolinaBakery

ANY excuse to buy some sexy under pieces is a good one in my book. Even if your version of “sexy” is heart-patterned boxer shorts, it’s still an excuse, right?

Red and Black Lingerie by AvocadosOnTheRun

Valentine’s Day parties are more fun, dammit, if you ARE single. You can’t POSSIBLY be the ONLY single person you know. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and get all of your other single friends together to go to some parties. At one of my favorite Valentine’s Day parties, we hung dollar store undergarments all over the walls, and watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. I can’t imagine feeling somber while enjoying a day like that.

So have I convinced you yet? If not, don’t you worry, I’ll be sure to try again next year.


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3 thoughts on “Reconsidering Valentine’s Day

  1. Heather @ February 6, 2012 at 9:06 am Reply

    Hanging underwear on the wall and watching Rocky Horror Picture Show, LOL! Love it!

  2. artsings1946 February 6, 2012 at 12:06 pm Reply

    Love the Rocky picture … I’m single and plan to stay that way … I’ve had it with being married, but that’s my horrible experience not everybody’s … so I celebrate being single and free ! Love those chocolate’s … can’t wait till my daughter makes some candy for us.

    Love and Light and All Good Things to Everybody !

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