My February’s “Nest” Beading Challenge Entry

On a sort of random whim, I decided to make a bracelet for the Etsy BeadWeaver’s February beading challenge. I had already figured I would skip it in favor of coming up with ideas for March’s challenge, but went ahead and made a bracelet for it anyway. The theme of the challenge, as my blog title suggest, is “Nest.” Opting out of the typical brownish colors, I made my bracelet with rich purple and a bright shimmering green shades of seed beads. At the center of the woven nest rest 3 purplish and blue “eggs.” I love the swirling multicolored shades on these larger beads, contrasting with the solid seed beads surrounding them. To adjust to just about any size of a wrist, the bracelet ties itself closed with a ribbon in favor of a traditional clasp.

I’ve already seen some of the other entries for this month’s challenge, and I can tell you right here and now that they are AMAZING. It’s making me wonder why I haven’t participated in a challenge in so long. (Oh yeah, that thing called “spare time.” Kinda forgot about that. X-)) You’ll be able to see all of the entries and vote for your favorite one on the Etsy Beadweaver’s Blog from February 5th through the 9th. I am telling you, you will be in absolute AWE over what some of these artists can create.


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2 thoughts on “My February’s “Nest” Beading Challenge Entry

  1. Ioana Sava January 20, 2012 at 3:23 pm Reply

    i still working on my piece. i tried several months to be ready to enter but unfortunately each time something came in and i postponed my challenge, see you there and good luck!

  2. […] that one bracelet I made for the Etsy BeadWeavers competition? Well the entries have been completed and the voting has begun! You can view on all of the stunning […]

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