150th Post – It’s Kind of a BIG DEAL

I have to apologize. I went and reached post 100 without blinking an eye. My Absent-Minded-Professor brain kind of forget to notice. Sorry about that.

So even though we never celebrated 100 blog posts, I think it’s okay that we celebrate 150. Besides, any excuse to crack open a bottle of Raspberry Chocolate Red Wine sounds good to me!

So, in honor of the infamous numeral… I’ve collected a list of some of this blogs most memorable posts (typos and all). Take a look to see if there is anything you missed.

The Art of Juggling 4 Etsy Shops
Read this if you think trying to run >>>1<<< Etsy shop is enough work!

Should You Work for Free?
Ever asked yourself this question? This post includes a chart with the right answer.

You CAN Like Valentine’s Day
Allow me to persuade you to fancy the much-despised and made-fun-of holiday in February.

What WON’T You Buy Online?
As online shopping expands into areas we wouldn’t have imagined before (wedding dresses, food) some people have certain limitations, while others can be more adventurous.

Tempted to Spend
Getting ahold of oneself when the urge to shop takes over… it is not an easy task.

Holy Crapola, I’m on Regretsy!
My item got featured on Regretsy. believe it or not, I was super excited over it.

Made it to the Etsy Front Page!
Almost as good as being on Regretsy. Kind of a big deal for me.

Adding Beading Patterns to my Etsy Shop
Still haven’t reached the amount I had been hoping for. (But I’ve been busy, don’t judge me!)

Simple or Extravagant? Delicate or Bold?
Making things that >>>I<<< like doesn't always equal what my buyers may like. Sometimes, one has to balance the two options.

Feedback Feuds
Sometimes dealing with feedback on Etsy can feel like a battle for survival.

Staying Relevant
Etsy changed their search engine to default by relevancy. I figured out some simple ways to make my items show up in the top of the searches.

The Big 100
I made 100 sales in my Etsy shop. It’s kind of a big deal. (How I did it, and tips on how you can too!)

Buying Happiness
Coping with the American desire to purchase our way to a better emotional state.

Friday’s Featured Artist
My first Friday’s Featured Seller post. A tradition is born.

Quitting My Weekend Job
Finally reaching the point where I can narrow down my # of day jobs!

The Cost of Being TOO Nice
Sometimes customer service goes too far.

The Transformation of Literature to E-Books
Is the eletronification of books good or bad for literature? (Will it, for example, cause bloggers to start making up words such as “eletronification”?)

Charging for Your Time
Why I don’t give myself an hourly wage when selling my handmade goods.

I ♥ Custom Creations
Have something in mind that you wish I could make for you? Let me know, I love special orders!

My 2 Biggest Gift-Giving Secrets
No longer secrets, apparently, but out there for the world to read.

It looked better in the picture.
When good photography is TOO good.

Overcoming Shyness for the Sake of Word-of-Mouth Promotion
Face-to-face business promotion can be a challenge for those coping with shyness (like me!)


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6 thoughts on “150th Post – It’s Kind of a BIG DEAL

  1. Melissa January 2, 2012 at 4:41 pm Reply

    Popping in from the Etsy Blog Team!

    Congratulations on your 150th post…Keep going and making people’s days a little better! Happy New Year…

  2. Memories for Life Scrapbooks January 2, 2012 at 6:07 pm Reply

    Congrats on your 150th post! You’ve had some great tips, advice and stories in those 150 posts :)

  3. MegansBeadedDesigns January 2, 2012 at 6:19 pm Reply

    Thanks all! It’s been fun!

  4. Debbie January 2, 2012 at 7:09 pm Reply

    Congrats on reaching 150 Posts. And your blog is always interesting, too. Here’s to another 150 Posts.

  5. Alex January 12, 2012 at 11:35 am Reply

    I had know Idea about regretsy! it’s so funny what some people put up! What of yours was featured?

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