Holiday Wrap-Up (Or, I guess, Unwrap?)

If you are one of those families that can fit all of their Christmas festivities into the 25th of December, surely you are aware of the rarity that you are. The rest of us don’t have a Christmas DAY, it’s more like a Christmas WEEK (give or take a day or two.) Fitting all of the activities into one day would be like trying to fit an entire zoo into a Prius. It just ain’t gonna happen.

I don’t mind. This way the fun and excitement spreads itself out. It means several days in which I get to pack on the pounds by stuffing my face with frosted sugar cookies and gulping down eggnog. I tell myself I’ll work the pounds off later (which will never actually happen.) It also means spending adequate amounts of time with different groups of friends and family. Some of which I only get to see during this time of year.

Because of our work schedules we had to do some flipping around of what we would normally do on days before and after Christmas. My husband had to work on Christmas eve (Booooooo!), so we headed out to see my Grandparents the day prior. My Aunt and Uncle who recently moved to Hawaii were there, so they got to brag bout how nice it is to live in a climate where the weather is always perfect. It was nice that they came up so we got to see them.

My husband and I did our mini-Christmas the morning of Christmas eve, before he left for work. Although many women out there would claim differently, I have to state that my husband is the most amazing there is in the world. He got me a new car stereo (which I have been dying for for AGES!) Oh, Mr. Zombie, you have never sounded so good! So that was pretty awesome. After he got off of work later that evening we headed out to his parents house to spend the night.

Christmas was magical, as always. Santa stuffed our stockings full of goodies and presents and wrapping paper abounded. Dinner was amazing and The Christmas Story every bit as funny as it was last year. Another perfect holiday to finish off a pretty much perfect year.

The next day we headed to my older sister’s for a Christmas brunch with her family and some other members of her extended family. My husband got to see her new house for the first time, so that was cool. We still have yet another Christmas this week with some of our close friends (pretty excited), and then it’s on to the New Year’s celebration. Can’t believe it’s already going to be two-thousand-and-frikin-twelve. (STILL no flying cars!!?!? WTH!?!) I’ll have to think of some resolutions here pretty quick.

How were your holiday celebrations? Feel free to one-up me in the comments below!


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