And the Winner Is…

This is the moment I know you have all been waiting for. You’ve marked your calendars, set the alarm clock, and started the coffee pot just to make sure you arose early enough to be the first the here the news. On November 21, two-thousand-and-eleven, I opted to host a giveaway. This giveaway ran until last night, with readers frantically scrambling to get their names into the drawing. Today is the day that the giveaway will shut it’s doors, and I will draw the name of the lucky winner.

Just so you don’t think I am in any way cheating the system, I’ll be completely open about my winner-picking-process. Basically, I use, and entered in all of the names of the contestants in the following format depending on how many entries they had:


You get the idea. If you entered all 6 possible entries, you’re name was inserted into the randomizer 6 times, if you had 2 entries, it was placed in there twice, and so on. After hitting the “Randomize” button, all of the entries jumble together and the winner is placed into the #1 spot.

There were quite a few entries, because you guys are AWESOME. Thank you so much for all of your support and readership! I truly, truly appreciate it! At this moment I have reached 99 followers and couldn’t be happier that there are actually people out there who like to read this crap.

Keep supporting my crap and I promise to keep appreciating it! :)

Evil Eye Ring

But enough mushy-gushyness. What you REALLY want to know is who won! So allow me to roll the drums and announce the happy winner as RubyKnits! Ruby entered a maximum of 6 times and it looks like it paid off! Way to go Ruby!!! She’s picked the Evil Eye Ring as her prize! (Excellent choice, I must say) Feel free to take a moment to congratulate Ruby, pushing your feeling of envy aside!


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