Getting the Boot

Dear readers, I am quite sad today. No need for me to beat around the bush in telling you why: I got kicked off of one of my favorite Etsy teams.

I know, I know, it’s BRUTAL. The rules were pretty strict and ever-changing but I was doing my best to keep up with them and follow them (or so I thought.) Apparently, not good enough. I was treating the rules too much like guidelines rather than requirements, and I have received the punishment that I justly deserved.

This team was a treasury team, and like all good treasury teams, the rules and regulations were fierce. All for the best results for the team as a whole. When I had first joined anyone on the team could make a team treasury as long as if followed the basic guidelines (at least four members, no repeats, yada, yada…) Because all team treasuries were posted to an e-mail group that wound up in each member’s personal inbox, the overwhelming amount of e-mails eventually caused the rules to change to only 12 treasuries a day, and the members had to sign up ahead of time to gain the slots. If addition to these sign-up slots, each member has to make one non-slot treasury a month that will go on the chat message board, not the main one, and be posted on the team Etsy page.

So, trying to follow the new rules I signed up for a slot and posted my treasury for the day I signed up for. Oops! I didn’t look at how many people had already signed up, and my treasury caused the amount of e-mail to go overboard by 1 that day. I did get quite a lashing from that one, I must confess, and became scared to try to sign up for any slots thereafter. I just did my monthly treasury and occasionally made team treasuries that I didn’t e-mail out to the group.

‘Black AND Blue’ by chumaka













I tried to comment on the treasuries with the team tag on a daily basis (or, I guess I should say week-day basis because getting to these treasuries on the weekends was very unlikely, especially when I was working my weekend job.) Anyway, to make a long story short, I wasn’t commenting enough. I would miss days here and there because of other things (like being side-tracked by this blog I have come to love so much) and missed quite a few important treasuries. Me = not exactly the best team-player.

Finally, I got a message from the team captain telling me I had gotten the boot. I tried to go to the e-mail group to see if it was really true, and I had been kicked out of there as well. It’s all so shocking. This was by far one of my favorite teams. Besides the treasuries we have had a separate e-mail group for “chatting” and sharing what’s been going on in our lives. I knew this was an awesome team when one of the leaders suggested we all chip in to buy a new computer for our captain because of everything she had done for us. I gladly gave my $20 for the cause. I really felt like a part of something, and felt a swell of pride every time one of our treasuries was on the FP or when half of page 1 of the treasuries was our collections. This was a treasury team worth my time.

Time I didn’t have enough of apparently. I will now dutifully delete the team tag off of all of my items. one sad little item at a time. It’ll take me awhile and I hope the members aren’t peeved at me if I can’t get them all done today. At least now I can try to look at the positive side: it was bound to happen eventually. I simply did not have the time to be commenting on treasuries constantly throughout the day. My sometimes-when-I-feel-like-it approach was not good enough. Nor am I going to argue that it should have been accepted as anything otherwise. The captain of the team made a good decision by giving me the boot, and I respect her for it. Maybe now I can put forth more effort into some of the other awesome teams I’m a part of and have kind of been neglecting lately as well. You win some, you lose some.


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4 thoughts on “Getting the Boot

  1. Heather November 10, 2011 at 12:27 pm Reply

    So sorry to hear! Treasury teams can be ridiculous at times. Who can really keep with up all that stuff? Hello we have a life outside Etsy! I left one I was in because the drama was getting out of hand. I thought we were all adults but some people can’t leave high school behind!

    Just remember, it’s THEIR loss, not yours, you’re a great person and you work hard!

  2. galleryjuana November 10, 2011 at 2:28 pm Reply

    I’ve heard how the treasury teams can be quite time-consuming. Sounds like it was a good team and you were trying to keep up. Sometimes the day doesn’t have enough hours!

    Thanks for the visit.

  3. MegansBeadedDesigns November 10, 2011 at 2:35 pm Reply

    I will definitely miss it. But I am on a couple of other, less-demanding treasury teams that I suppose I can focus on more now. So perhaps it is all for the better!

  4. […] the ones which are active, helpful, friendly, and not overly demanding. Some of you may remember the treasury team I was booted from awhile ago. It was an awesome team for making and being in treasuries, but the demands of […]

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