Falling in Love with BLOGGING

Damn you all: I am hooked. What started out as a chore, a I-must-do-this-because-that’s-what-successful-etsy-sellers-do goal, has transformed into one of my favorite daily activities. I have my readers, fellow bloggers, and my own innate love of words to blame. At this point, getting my Etsy shop out there is just a bonus. I’m having a blast sharing my thoughts, promoting others artists with my Friday’s Featured Artist posts, and sharing the business tips I am learning along the way. I had no idea that blogging could be so frikin awesome! (And, not to mention, addicting!)

I love searching the WordPress Topics for things I might be interested in, and discovering a lot of other awesome blogs along the way.
Also, the Etsy Blog Team has a great list of daily posts from lots of my fellow Etsy bloggers! it’s great to go through and discover other artists who also enjoy blogging as much as I do!

I think that this humble blog is off to a great start. The things I could blog about are ever-expanding, and the potential to network is bigger than I ever imagined! The blogging world is ginormous and continually growing! I only hope I can keep up.

If I can, it will be because of you, my dear readers. I’m offering you a huge THANK YOU for all of your support and feedback. I truly appreciate each new follower and fan I gain. I’m thinking I might have a giveaway here soon, just because I think you are awesome and deserve something free once in awhile.

Side note: comments are like crack to me – so comment away!


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2 thoughts on “Falling in Love with BLOGGING

  1. madamesaslow November 9, 2011 at 9:08 am Reply

    Comments are totally crack. When someone comments, its a great high. And when someone you don’t even know comments, OH. MY. GOD. Sends me over the moon. Since I’m just starting out it pretty much just my friends that read my blog, and they seem kind of lazy sometimes… I’ve had a few people I don’t even know “Favorite” my shop or comment in my blog and it makes some of the work worth it.

  2. Jessie Yost November 9, 2011 at 11:39 am Reply

    So glad you are having fun with the blog – it shows in your fun to read posts!

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