Meet Colleen – Friday’s Featured Artist

Meet Colleen

Meet Colleen

And so the Saga continues. Allow me to introduce Colleen Siler, the shop owner ScrapbooksStones.

Can you sum yourself up in 3 sentences?:
Crafty wife with a nerdy husband. Newly wed and newly moved trying to put my love of scrapbooking, jewelery making, and duct tape to good use.

Tell us about what you sell on Etsy:
I make scrapbook pages, scrapbook albums, jewelry and things out of duct tape. Most of my jewelry is beaded and so far I have duct tape wallets and a wreath.

Premade Halloween Scrapbook Page - $6.00

Premade Halloween Scrapbook Page - $6.00

What is your favorite thing about creating/collecting?
Coming up with and planning out an idea, have that spark of inspiration and bringing it to life.

Where do you find your inspiration?
All around, things just pop into my head.

5 Duck tape Party Crowns - $20.00

5 Duck tape Party Crowns - $20.00

Do you have any selling tips or tricks for other Etsy sellers?
Buying into a BNR was probably the best thing I ever did.

Check out this awesome coupon you can use to buy stuff from Colleen’s store RIGHT NOW:
JULIE10 for 10% off


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