Vacation Experimentation

So I’m about as excited as your average 5 year old. I’m goin’ to Disney Land! My husband and I are joining another married couple who are good friends of ours as they celebrate their 1st year wedding anniversary at the “Happiest Place on Earth.” I’m stoked. We’ll be hitting Disneyland and Disney California for 4 days, and hitting up the Halloween Fright Night at Universal Studios to boot. It should all be deliciously fun and scary! The last thing I want to be thinking about while riding Space Mountain and screaming my head off in the Universal Haunted House is my Etsy shops. The easy answer is to simply switch them into vacation mode.

Rhinestone Necklace - $16.00

Rhinestone Necklace - $16.00

I’ve used the vacation mode option in my Etsy stores before. I used it when attending craft fairs, and also when I went on my Honeymoon a few months ago. But a few things have changed since the last time I’ve used it. First, the switch from recency to relevancy (which I L-O-V-E), and second, I am now Google syndicated in 2 of my Etsy shops(yay!). Prior to the change to relevancy, I was able to return from vacation mode, renew a few items (especially the one which expired during my absence) and be back to work. Now I’m not 100% sure how well I’ll be able to maintain my relevancy positions if my items are yanked from the search, and then put back… even if they are only gone for a week, who’s to say how much of an impact that time will have?

But more importantly, my listings can finally -FINALLY- be found on Google shopping in both my Glamour365 and my MegansBeadedDesigns stores. I’ve heard rumors that using vacation mode can cause those listings to disappear for much longer than the duration of your vacation once taken off. In fact, there are a lot of scary rumors about vacation mode that I used to be able to simply look the other way on.

Crystal Heart Earrings - $12.00

Crystal Heart Earrings - $12.00

I still don’t have much of a problem putting my non-syndicated, and not-as-full, shops SteampunkDream and MegansCreativeDesigns on vacation mode, and have already done so with SteampunkDream a day early, for the duration of the week I’ll be gone. However with the syndicated shops, I’m going to take a big risk and try a vacation experiment.

I’ve heard of shops simply putting in their shop announcement “I’m on vacation, be back XYZ date!” and expecting buyers to read that when ordering from their shops. OF course, most buyers don’t ever see your store front or shop announcement, especially since most buyers will ind you through the search or click on your item in a treasury. Hence, my solution. Starting with my Glamour365 shop, I went to Edit Express on Craftopolis, which is a super easy way to edit your items without having to go through each one the hard way on Etsy. I edited all of my descriptions so that the first thing a looker will read is:

***I am currently on vacation until October 5th. All items ordered between now and then will be shipped on October 6th. Thank you!***

And then I also added the above statement to my shop announcement. I think, or at least I hope, that by adding my vacation message to every single one of my shop items, I will prevent any hassles form occurring. Always trying to be a speedy shipper (I ship same or next day on all non-custom orders), I would hate some a customer to get upset because I am not available to ship their item right away. I hope I made that clear. I even added “Your item will be shipped on October 6th” to my message to buyer when they make a purchase. I am counting on the combination of all of these messages and announcements to be enough to make the delay clear to any buyers during my week away.

Tomorrow I’ll do the same with my MegansBeadedDesigns shop, although I will probably deactivate my patterns (generally buyers want those a lot sooner as they are simply e-mailed files). Here’s to hoping it goes well!

At least I’ll get to wear my dorky Minnie Mouse ears and stuff my face with Bacon at Goofy’s kitchen!


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