Kitchen Remodel Project – Step 1

My blue kitchen

I don’t know what the previous owner’s of my house were thinking when they did some of their remodeling before selling the house. Blue? A blue kitchen? A lighter shade of icy or pastel blue, maybe. Something with hints of ash gray wouldn’t have been that bad. But straight up, in-you-face, blue? Ugh. No thank you.

Add to that the cupboards, while all newly installed, contain zero knobs or handles. This means that the ones underneath the counter scrap your fingers when you try to open or close them from the top, the natural and closes place to grab. It took quite a few scrapings before I finally trained myself to stop trying to do that.

I knew right away, even before purchasing the house, that the kitchen was going to have to be my first “aesthetic” project. The blue would have to go. Therefore, the nasty floor laminate would have to be changed as well, along with the blue counter-tops. All of these things I have yet to find the perfect fir for, but I continue to shop around. I definitely have some pretty good ideas, and I’m excited to see them implemented when they can finally be accomplished.

Love the wine glass racks!

After picked out the paint swatch, a deep maroon-red red, I figure I could start on the small changes first. I don’t really have the budget or time to complete the full-out remodle at the present, but I figure that starting gradually would help to ease me into it. Based on the glorious red color swatch, I purchases some simple bronze knobs and handles for all of the cupboards. Finally, they can be opened without injury. Hallelujah!

As part 2 of step 1, I purchased a couple of inexpensive stemware racks from These fit perfectly underneath my cupboards. They have them in rubbed bronze (perfectly matching my door knobs) and would eventually perfectly match my kitchen(after the remodeling takes place.) I had some small red wine glasses (great for port) that I received as a housewarming gift. They fit the rack perfectly, and will look absolutely stunning once the actual kitchen has been painted in the deep red shade as well.

A small step, but a step in the right direction!


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