23 Years Old – and I’m STILL too Chicken to get my Ears Pierced

Sparkling Dangle Earrings - $8.00

What the title says. It’s totally true. The idea of piercing my ears, as silly as it sounds, still freaks me out. It’s not so much the actual event of the hole going in with the needle so much, as having the hole afterwards. Nightmare visions of my earrings getting caught on something and ripped from my ear plague me at just the thought of it. My younger sister knows this is a torment of mine, so she likes to get right up close to me and make me watch her put her earrings in. It’s the equivalent of listening to nails on a chalk board, or listing to novice graphic designers talk about how much they love Papyrus. Not pleasant.

Shell Earrings - $5.00

Fortunately for me, not having pierced ears doesn’t mean that I don’t get to wear earrings. That would just be silly. Instead of stabbing mini holes into my precious flesh, I simply wear clip ons. Clip earrings are the perfect answer to my dilemma. Most vintage earrings are clips, so that works out great for me too. I even have some magnet earrings that look like studs when I feel like going simple with my jewelry.

Deep Red Vintage Earrings - $5.00

Because of my own personal preference, I try to make as many pairs of earrings in my Etsy Shops convertible as I can. When you are they will arrive either sterling silver or surgical stainless steel hooks – or – clip ons if you prefer. Just add a note to seller when making your purchase and I will gladly accommodate your needs without any additional charge! This is a great convenience if you are one of those people who can’t pierce their ears without having the holes close up within a day, or, if you are like me: just too chicken to go through with it!


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2 thoughts on “23 Years Old – and I’m STILL too Chicken to get my Ears Pierced

  1. Paige July 25, 2011 at 4:36 pm Reply

    My sister is also 23 and doesn’t have her ears pierced either. I don’t think she’s afraid anymore, I think she’s just gone this long without it and doesn’t see the point now.

    On the other hand, I have 3 holes in each ear!

  2. Of The Fountain July 26, 2011 at 3:21 am Reply

    “Instead of stabbing mini holes into my precious flesh, I simply wear clip ons.” lol, I never thought about it like that. :) As someone with pierced ears, I am slightly paranoid about getting my earrings ripped out by getting caught on things. >< Perhaps that is why I only wear earrings once a month.

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