A free weekend with little progress…

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So one would think that when I can finally get 2 days off from my real jobs that I would get a lot done. Well, not in this case. I had to have a tooth pulled on Friday afternoon. Awful, awful. And here I never thought I would have to go through the experience of getting my wisdom teeth pulled again. Ouch.

This little operation left me with 2 days of recovery. Of course, my workaholic instinct is to try to utilize this free time to get stuff done that I normally don’t have time for. Not so able in this case. Over my free weekend I had to pop pain meds and rinse with salt water. I felt so weak and tired that a trip walking down the hall felt like a days work. So much for being productive.

It was aggravating yes, but I did manage to make a couple of new things in-between naps, so at least I feel semi-accomplished. Maybe someday I’ll get to have some free weekends WITHOUT having to be ill as an excuse. Hah.


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