If you put too much on your plate, your dessert might fall off!

Too many things at once. Hurry up and wait. Young and overworked. Stressed out and underpaid. There is never enough time! Good gawd if only there was more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Stress is Bad" art print by thedreamygiraffe

It’s fine. Everything is okay. Dandy, in fact. I enjoy a challenge. Occasionally, I relish it and crave the feeling of accomplishment I sense just on the horizon. But sometimes… well… sometimes enough is enough. Everyone has their breaking point.

Once that point is reached, it’s reached, and there isn’t a whole lot a person can do but let it happen. Mine consists of a sudden overwhelming realization that I’ve promised too many people too many things that can not possibly happen in the short time I have promised the results. It’s a balancing of the checkbook that leaves me short and scrabbling for a way to acquire additional income to pay the electric bill. It’s the stack of dishes that never seems to stop piling up and the jewelry supplies I ordered two months ago never arriving. I’m suddenly pissed that I still have to work 7 days a week at 3 jobs with no end in sight. I yell at my husband for not “frikin helping me more!” even though he’s working just as hard, and just as often (sorry hunny). And then the tears come. I feel like a big baby for admitting that I, sometimes, cry. It all feels silly later, but at the time it’s just too much and the tears fall.

Beaded Barrette - $11.95

Turns out, crying is a huge stress reliever. Letting it out for about 5 minutes beats any other rejuvenation experience you may have read about. Truth. It’s okay to cry sometimes. Let it out and then pick up the pieces. Apologize to anyone you may have taken anything out on (probably your spouse.) And then it’s time to re-evaluate. Taking everything up again should be down with care, otherwise you’ll just have another break down a week later.

I’m giving myself a little bit more time on some of the promises I made, be damned if the people I promise get upset with me over it. Sometimes your priorities become just a tad bit more clear after a breakdown. I’m not going to stress about the friend who owes me money right now. She’ll get it to me when she gets it to me. Stressing doesn’t speed up the process any more than it otherwise would. I’m going to try to focus on the craft fair I’m attending this summer, and less on making sure I have a new listing in my Etsy shop everyday. New listings take a lot of time, and with 4 Etsy shops, my entire evening off of work has been taken up with Etsy. I need to spread my abilities out a little bit more than that. I still have thank you notes to create and send out for my wedding gifts, and upcoming birthdays to fuss over.

This time of year is always hectic, both at work and at home. Try to assign yourself as little extra chores as you can, because they tend to pile up big time!


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4 thoughts on “If you put too much on your plate, your dessert might fall off!

  1. Liz June 7, 2011 at 5:09 pm Reply

    I think we are in the same boat at the moment! Don’t let your stress run your life…make sure you reward yourself for everything you and your husband are doing at the moment even if it feels like you are “falling short.” The worst thing you could do is give up and it sounds like you are doing anything but that :)

    Maybe you could break down your wedding thank you cards to one a day…or put them off a little bit until you have time to work on them..and then be a little more personal when you make them. I think anyone would appreciate a more personal card versus a “Thank you for the blender” note…even if it does arrive a little later!

    4 Etsy shops, full time job, newlyweds and a craft fair….you should be proud of yourself! It’s ladies like you that keep me pumping :) I’ve got this girl growing in my stomach with 6 more weeks to go…and we move in 3 weeks..the summer heat is starting to get to me without air conditioning and I am struggling to keep the outbursts to myself as well! Hang in there, your hard work will not go unnoticed :)

  2. foresightyourctpsychic June 7, 2011 at 6:30 pm Reply

    I’ve been working a mantra for awhile that I think you might also find of use-

    “I can do anything I want; I just can’t do everything I want!…”

    Hope that’s a help


  3. megansbeadeddesigns June 7, 2011 at 6:38 pm Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful comments ladies! you brought a tear to my with your heartfelt words!! ♥

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