Spring Cleaning, Moving, and Awakening

So I’ve slowly but surely began cleaning up my Etsy shops, and expanding the smaller shops I have been somewhat neglectful of over the past few months. In an attempt to polish up my main Esty shop, MegansBeadedDesigns, I’ve been moving the less-beadwoven items over to my other Jewelry shop, Glamour365. For example, the necklace and earrings set below, although they contain beads, they do not fir with the “beaded” look of MegansBeadedDesigns, so I’ve moved the set over to Glamour365.

Matching Necklace and Earrings Set $28

I’ve also added lots of new jewelry to Glamour365. I’ve been exploring with polymer clay, making blossom and rose cabochons, for bobby pins, rings, and other jewelry items. I am excited about these new pieces, I think they are super fun, and cute. Working with polymer clay is a challenge, but I am feeling pretty proud of my progress so far.

Beautiful Blossom Cocktail Ring - $8.95

I’ve also started to work on my other Etsy jewelry shop, SteampunkDream. So far it has been the most neglected, and even now, it only contains 5 items, but I am looking forward to adding more!

Steampunk necklace

Victorian Steampunk Necklace - $36.00

Stay tuned for even more additions! β™₯


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