My DIY Wedding Creations & Disasters

Wedding Invitation

My wedding invitations

The great thing about being what they call a “crafty bitch” in wedding terms, is it can really come in handy. It means that all of the elements of my wedding that I can make myself, I get to have nearly complete control over. Plus, big bonus here, I also get to save on a lot of excess costs. Of course, Do-It-Yourself isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s better to hire someone, or have a friend help, because all of the DIY can really grow overwhelming, and become rushed, losing quality along the way. And sometimes, well, sometimes a person can flat out make a mistake. Because that person did it herself, well, she can’t exactly ask for a money-back refund.

Web Site

My Wedding Web Site

All of my DIY wedding projects have been an adventure. An overwhelming adventure, admittedly, but I love the feeling of pride and ownership I get when finishing each daunting task. I have a lot of “crafty” skills, including computer and graphic design skills, so I’ve done almost everything for my wedding myself. Yes, I designed, printed, cute and folded my own invitations. I designed, printed, and cut stickers to go around all 200 little tubes of bubbles. I designed and punched out 150 tags that say “thanks!” to tie onto the same number of votive candles with black and red ribbon. i designed, cut, and printed the save the date magnets. I hand-coded the CSS and HTML of our wedding web site, designing completely from scratch, including the Flash elements. I’ve designed, print, cut, and assembled 200 wedding ceremony programs.

Flower Girl Basket

My flower girl basket

*Whew* you think that’s a lot? I’ve got plenty more. I make all of the lace and ribbon chokers for my bridesmaids to wear. I held it off because I was a bit daunted by it, but I finally finished making the ring bearers’ pillows (2). I think they turned out alright for someone who’s never sewn a pillow in her life. I bought a white guest book, and covered it with red and black decor to make it match the rest of my wedding them. Just plain white = not my style. I completely covered and decorated my two flower girl baskets. I made and Decorated my garter. Still on my list: Make decorations, make a envelope gift box, decorate toasting glasses and sand ceremony glass pieces, making my hair piece, tea-dying my gloves, etc. With only a month til the big day, being a DIYer is getting to be pretty overwhelming.

Ring bearer pillow

One of my ring bearers' pillows

Of course, I do have some help. But when you are working on a project this important (it’s important to me anyways, obviously) you have to count on some of your “helpers” slacking. In my case it’s been a bit of slackage coming from all directions. My younger sister (my maid of honor) needed my help planning my bridal shower. Not really supposed to be my role, but I ended up creating most of the pieces for the games, prizes, etc. No big deal. My other sister (older, and yes, the jealous one) agreed to make my 3rd flower’s girls tutu for her dress. She’s a crafty bitch do and is better at the sewing thing than me, so when she offered to help it was the first task i passed on. About a week ago she decided she couldn’t do it anymore. Needless to say, I’ve now has my hand at sewing a tutu and I think it turned out okay, but we’ll have to trying in on the 2-year-old and see if it will hold up to her active mannerisms. I planned on getting more help from my other bridesmaids, but a lot of it is yet to come. I’m planning on their assistance with the decorations, mostly, as it is the most daunting task ahead.


Yikes! I Spelled "RSVP" WRONG!

Sometimes the DIY projects don’t come out as well as planned. My invitations? I fel like I looked over them a million, bazillion time before having them all printed. Heck, even after I had them printed, and spent hours cutting , folding, and addressing, I still notice my giant typo. And then I got told. Holy crap, I spelled “RSVP” wrong!! That’s right, I spelled a frikin acronym wrong, it came out “RSPV”. I’m pretty sure now it’s because I was being completely visual, and the “P” simply looked better in-between the selection of food options. Oh well. I did end up running out of invitations and had to print a few more, this gave me a chance to fix my mistake and send a few people invitations with the proper spelling. Honestly though, a lot of people didn’t even notice.

Bridesmaid choker

Bridesmaid choker

Not everything can be DIY. Even as a super crafty bitch, I have to admit that I am not supernatural. I tried making the wedding dress. I started to anyway. There is just no way it would have worked out. Basically what I tried to do was take a $5 wedding dress and a $4 red prom dress that I picked up and good will and try to combine them into a unique, custom dress per my design. After just finishing the top-portion, I realized I was lop-sided. It already was turning into a disaster. The dress, I think, is one of the most important elements of a wedding. I didn’t want to spend days and days working on a dress that wouldn’t work out and have to shop for one at the last-minute, so I gave up on the DIY wedding dress and went ahead and ordered one from a local bridal boutique. Honestly, I found the perfect dress that I am in love with, and there is no way in hell I could have made anything like it, at least certainly not with my sewing skills at the novice level they are at now.


My garter

So lesson learned? Make what you can, support others by buying what you can, and take all of the help you can get!


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3 thoughts on “My DIY Wedding Creations & Disasters

  1. Laura March 26, 2011 at 6:03 am Reply

    Wow Megan! I am so tired just reading your to-do list. I thought mine was long. Many blessings for your big day!

  2. Megan March 26, 2011 at 7:04 pm Reply

    Thanks Laura!

  3. […] of you who have been long-time readers of my blog may recall the stress and seemingly infinite to-do list of my own wedding back in April. Being the “crafty bitch” type I was pretty insistent […]

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