Man, That Craft Fair Was LAME (with a few noted exceptions)

Shopping bagOuch. Don’t wanna sound harsh, but talk about a boring craft fair. Okay, so not ALL of it was bad, but I certainly felt to urge to skip over the majority of the booths present. I took myself to the Custer’s Spring Craft Fair, all excited to find a billion wonderful gifts and treats for myself. I came away with a few purchases, but hardly to the grand quantity I had been planning on spending. I had money with me, and I wanted to support local artisans with it, dammit. I just didn’t want to spend it on unoriginal works of art marked up price-wise beyond what I felt they should have been asking. I was annoyed that the art print of a fairy on the moon that was a blatant copy of a well-known photograph of Marilyn Monroe. I quickly grew tired of owls, deers, and eagles. I get that these animals are Inland Northwest representations, but seriously? Too much is just too much.

I was trying to find a birthday gift for my fiance, who is more into Asian-themes, like yin-yangs and dragons. Noda. Nothing. Zero. Ziltch. I usually find plenty of potential gifts for him at craft fairs hosted at the local high schools, this particular one was lacking. I did find one super awesome Steampunk themed booth. And whaddaya know? She also has an Etsy Shop. So I promptly snatched her business card and hearted her shop online for feature reference. Seriously you should check her out, she has some incredible pieces.

I ended up buying a personalized heart necklace for my grandmother. My grandma is notorious for re-gifting, so I figured, if I bought something for her with her name on it, then it would be increasingly difficult for her to pass it on to someone else. Hah, pretty clever if I do say so myself. I also bought some very pretty metal jewelry elements for my FMIL. They features kitties, and are purple (her two favorite things in the world) so I could not resist. However I didn’t find anything for my fiance or myself, so I felt not-so satisfied when I walked out the door. Two many booths looked the same. Too many booths were selling the same stuff. It grew too numbing too quickly.

Painters are awesome, but seriously? Besides the typical northwest animals, it seemed like they ALL had paintings of aspen trees, and ALL in the same painting style. (Maybe they all took the same class together? I was beginning to wonder…) There were several booths selling flower hair clips and headbands for infants. All similar, bright colors and styles. Cute, I admit, but all so the SAME after awhile. And hey, I’m 22 years old, but I still like to wear flower clips and headbands. Why not throw is some teen to adult items in there so there are things for us to browse through too? Just my own, selfish thought.

What it comes down to is this: I brought money to spend. I didn’t spend most of it because there was a huge lack of VARIETY at this show. If you’re a crafter who sets up at these kinds of events, I hope you keep this in mind and do that little something extra that will attract people like me to look at your booth. Just a thought.

Please share your thoughts, the more the merrier!


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One thought on “Man, That Craft Fair Was LAME (with a few noted exceptions)

  1. Kathryn P March 9, 2011 at 3:48 am Reply

    I agree about the crafters who make items for children. If they tweaked their designs a bit, there products could also sell to adults.

    Better luck next time!!

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