A Huge Custom Order

Eagle AmuletI’ve never thought that a custom order would cause me to worry about losing business. A custom order >>>IS<<< business, is it not? But lately I have been a bit worried about the effects of one large order to my online shops on Etsy and the amount of time I have to put into promoting them and making new listings. About a month ago I was super excited to get a gigantic custom order form a buyer interest in my Etsy shop, MegansBeadedDesigns. The order consists of 3 pairs of earrings, 3 matching bracelet, and 3 amulets, all in certain animal theme, plus an addition bracelet as a gift for her moth. That’s a lot of beadwork to do! I excitedly gave the buyer the discount she was asking for (and it’s a whopping discount, let me tell you.) And then I got started.

Buffalo AmuletIt takes a looooooooooooong time to make a large-scale beaded amulet, complete with fringes and a necklace. The earrings aren’t too bad, and neither are the bracelets in comparison, but here I am, over a month later… and I am not even half-way completely with the project. I have finished a set of earrings, amulet, and bracelet in the Buffalo theme the customer requested, and the amulet in the eagle theme (bracelet and matching earrings to follow.) I still have to make the patterns for the bear theme… and then also create the additional bracelet featuring the image of an owl. I will feel really accomplished when I am done with the entire project, the problem is the massive amount of time it has been sucking me away from everything else. I am well aware that my newest Etsy shop, SteampunkDream , only has 5 listings, and my graphic design shop, MegansCreativeDesign hasn’t been updated in awhile, but I have been completely consumed with this project.

Buffalo EarringsNot to mention my personal chores that I need to get a move on. I am kind of getting married in 2 months (Yikes!) and still have a lot of DIYing to get a move on… it’s been difficult trying to manage time anyway, but it’s been a billion times harder with this custom project I’ve taken on. Anyone else experience anything like this? How did you cope? I would love to hear your methods!


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