Prom Accessories that Compliment and Bring Out Your Dress

two prom dressed girlsSenior prom? Junior prom? 6th Grade graduation dance? Which ever selection, you are probably thinking that it’s the MOST important day of your life, so far anyway, and you HAVE to look more dazzling than every other female in attendance. you have to be Cinderella. You have to be the gorgeous princess that everyone envies and stares at all night long because of your magic dress, and your lovely glass slippers. So first and foremost, you have to obtain your most important accessory: you shoes. Okay, so maybe I’m just an obsessed shoe fanatic, but I do tend to buy the shoes first, and then the dress to match (no joke, I honestly bought my wedding shoes before I bought my dress). But I SUPPOSE that if feel the dress is the more important item, go ahead and start looking for one, followed by the purchase of the matching shoes.

Lots of consideration to think about. What color? What style? Do you want to be the big poofy-skirted princess that can barely fit through doors, let alone get in the car? Or do you want to be the sexy, sultry temptress in a slinky, clinging gown that will make your father scream bloody murder? Either way, you’ve probably had you choice in mind for years now, and are glad to finally be able to go on the look out for the perfect dress – never mind the price tag. Depending on the length of your gown, you’ll have to hunt down the right pair of sparkling heels to go with. Keep in mind, you will be dancing. I opted for a giant pair of 5-inch black stilettos for my junior prom. I ended up stepping on one of my girlfriend’s feet, making her bleed! To this day, she hasn’t let me live that one down.

Red Rose Ring - $4.95

Nails: paint em a pretty color. If you have to go fake, please do me a favor and get the temporary glue-on or tape-on ones, not professional acrylics. Every girl I’ve even known to get the acrylics has regretted it. They really hurt your natural nails and leave ’em weak and worthless after you take the fakes off. There are better alternative out there, and you will look just as fabulous. Wear a lovely ring that matches your nails, in addition to your matching corsage, and you should be good to go in the manicure department.

Elastic Rhinestone Headband - $14.95

Hair: If you are doing it yourself, consider a practice round. I for one have the hardest, darnest time keeping curls in my hair for longer than 10 minutes. After several practice round, I finally figured out that i needed to place styling gel on each individual small section of hair, and then curl it with the iron. yes, my hair took 3 hours to prepare on prom day, but I certainly looked fabulous afterward. Consider whether you want to wear your hair up or down, and with or without accessories. If your dress has lovely detailing on the back that you don’t want to cover up, such as a sexy scoop or twinkling rhinestones, then consider keeping it up. Also consider which hair accessories you’ll be needing. Wear a light fabric flower for a fluffy, spring colored gown, or a dark rose or rhinestone tiara for a more royal, elegant look. Make sure you bring extra bobby-pins in your clutch with you, you never know when those wonderful inventions will com in handy.

Necklace and Earrings Set - $24.00

Jewelry accessories: For your necklace and earrings: go big. Don’t opt for the simple chain-and-a-charm. Be fabulous. Be daring. Be beautiful. Consider extra sparkles, color, and layers that you wouldn’t consider in your day-to-day wear. Find a necklace length that suits well with your dresses necklace, and consider if the shape will compliment a v-neck, rounded neck, strapless, etc. Make sure that the length of the matching earring will go well with your hair style decisions, and any hair accessories that you may have added to the mix.

Make-Up: wear lots of powder over your foundation. you will be dancing, and it will probably cause you to sweat a bit. The powder will help minimize the shine. Bring your lipstick and eyeliner with you in your clutch, these will need to be re-applied several times during the night so you are always looking fresh for pictures.

Overall, try to have fun with your selection, and don’t you dare stress if you hair doesn’t turn out quite right, or your dress get a little stain during dinner. just dance and have fun, the evening is mostly dimly lit anyway. :-)


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  1. glentwistle January 14, 2011 at 9:03 pm Reply

    Great post!

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