Resolution Solutions

It’s January. It’s two-thousand frikin’ eleven. And we >>>>>STILL<<<<<<< don't have flying cars. WTF!?!?!!!!!!


Alright, now that I got that out of my system, I suppose I ought to take a moment away from the global energy and technological problems that creep their ways into my conscious from time to time. I majored in Graphic Design, not quantum physics. In fact, I'm not entirely even sure what quantum physics consists of, it just sounded right at the time. For now, I ought to be more productive and focus on things that I haven't accomplished yet. However, I shall not do this with the same sense of regret, but with one of a more focused nature – with hope, inspiration, and motivation.

Basically, I need to light a fire under my ass and become the super-woman of the year. My new year's resolution is to make more money so I could cut back on the number of jobs that I am using up my soul on. Sure, everyone wants to make more money. The easy solution would be to win the jackpot during my mini-vaca coming up in Vegas. That however, is also the least likely. So in order to come up with the sums to pay the bills and cover the grand wedding I just "have to have" (my grandmother's words) I gotta work my butt of for it. Whether I can make it happen or not is yet to be seen…

I often complain of the lack of time within my jumbled mess of a schedule. Well, job #5 ended last week with the fading Christmas season, and I must admit, I sort of jumped with joy. It was only a temporary holiday job, but it seemed to last FOREVER and the dreadful retail outlet I worked for only seemed to get more embarrassing. However, it was a strangely nice compliment for one of my managers to tell me that if I were a man, she would marry me on the spot – good worker that I was. I just laughed in response, as I'm not particularly sure what the best response would have other wise been? Anyway, good fodder for the next job interview.

Speaking of which, I'm hoping won't have to happen for awhile. My fiancee hasn't managed to get another job yet, though i confess that he hasn't really been trying very hard. He still has the one, so the motivation isn't really there. One application for a job has been sitting on our computer desk for a few weeks already until i finally asked him, "So, do you want help filling that out….?"

"No, I'll do it."

If it's not done today I'm probably going to have to throw cold water on him. And then go look for yet another job… grr. At least he's good at the domestic stuff and gets the laundry done while I'm makin' the bacon.

As for the resolution, I 'spose I'll just have to keep makin new items and hoping people will like 'em enough to buy. I'm going to have to get ready for the big craft fair I do in July, and hopefully snag a few this Christmas season since I missed out so poorly on the last one. I really need to get into gear and start making more beading patterns, same with the digital collage sheets. For while they don't grab much of a price, they cost me next to nothing in supplies. Valentine's Day is the next big retail catcher, stay tuned for a possible sale. If it happens, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy these new headband listings. Completely unique and I am rather proud of…

Sparkles Galore - $14.95


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