Etsy I did not realize you could be such a time sucker!

I discovered Etsy when my older sister asked me to help her make some graphics, business cards, and thank you notes for her shop. I was excited to help her out, so I agreed. By doing so I discovered the magical, and sometimes scary, world of Etsy. Immediately I was hooked. I knew i wanted to start a shop and sell my handmade jewelry and paintings as soon as I could, but for awhile I roamed as a buyer-only. To this day i am still a frequent buyer, more so than I sell at the moment. There are just so many wonderful things, gifts, and beautiful jewelry that simply cannot be found anywhere else! I love being able to watch the “recently listed” feature and just watch items tick across my screen, waiting for that new discovery to come along. After a few months of SHOPPING and browsing and spending HOURS exploring, I finally opened up a shop. Make that 2 shops. I was going to integrate my graphics and fine art into one, but after just a few listings I realized it wasn’t cohesive. So began and I made some lovely banners for each, and slowly began to fill them up. But more than anything, I continued to shop, explore, and discover all of the awesome features on the web site itself. I started making treasuries, and tried to include “Pounce” items when possible. I joined the “Etsy Beadweavers” team. By doing so my e-mail inbox quickly filled up with team message of treasuries I needed to look and comment on, team members asking for advice, etc, etc. Not to mention the monthly challenges that I immediately began participating in. I also discovered the Forums, and the chat, both of which equally take up several hours of each day amusing, and delighting me. I have made some friends in the chat rooms and for tat I am thankful, but I must admit that it causes me to buy a lot more from my fellow Etsians than it causes me to sell. Whoops. :-)

So for hours every day that I should be using to list, create, and promote, are sucked away by the Etsy site itself and related blogs. I Chat and I discuss on the forums and I browse other shops, and I favorite, and I make treasuries. None of which have helped me all very much with sales– but it’s so friggin addicting! I can only hope that I can ween myself off a bit of these addictions this holiday season so I can spend more time doing productive things, like actually making jewelry and digital collage sheets! There’s a thought… :-)


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