Eeery, Spooky and Genius

Maybe it has to do with my inner rebel self and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween as a kid, that I overcompensate and go nutzo over the October festivities in my adult years. I bought some of my first decorations yesterday form he Halloween store I work at part time. Because every household needs to have a severed limb or two laying around. My fiance is already having a fabulous time thinking of the possibilities of sticking the hand and leg in strange places throughout the house for my sister to discover and lose a few years of her life with fright. Within the next couple of weeks we should be getting our ensemble of decorations put up in our front yard. This is our first year with a house instead of an apartment, so all of the possibilities of utilizing all of our new space is almost mind-boggling. Usually we start by shopping for some old baby dolls and used barbie heads at some local thrift shops. Then My fiance goes crazy with paint, black marker, and a sharp knife. Before you know it, we have severed zombie babies, and rising dead barbie heads popping out from behind Styrofoam gravestones.

Yes, I know you are all very excited to see. So keep tuned, pics of our Halloween decor shall be coming soon!


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One thought on “Eeery, Spooky and Genius

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