Welcome Autumn, Aren’t You Feeling CRISP?

So fall is in the air. And as much as I dred the season that follows, I have to admit that fall fashions are just too much to crave to go without it. Boots, light jackets, and earthy colors. Bring it on! To welcome the new season and the look to go with, I’ve made a couple of new beading patterns, which can be found at beadpatterns.com.

The first is a fabulous loom/square stitch bracelet. It can be easily repeated to make a belt or a strap if desired. Find it HERE

The second is an adorable little beaded birdie, all wrapped up in a scarf and hat, bracing for the chilly weather. This little guy can be used for an earring, charm, small pendant, or small ornament. You decide! Find him HERE.

Finally, and also only 99 cents, is the lovely autumn rose pattern. That of which you can find HERE.

So welcome fall, but mostly, welcome fall fashions + accompanying beaded jewelry! :-)


One thought on “Welcome Autumn, Aren’t You Feeling CRISP?

  1. Megan September 10, 2010 at 12:33 am Reply

    Added another Autumn pattern! Express your love for the season with this delightful Heart of Leaves!


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